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If you think laughter yoga is only about the LOL's, you're wrong! Houston Laughter Yoga founder Lainie Diamond tells us about all of its great health benefits.

HOUSTON – Have you ever heard of laughter yoga? If you think you’ll just be laughing the whole time, then you’re wrong!

Houston Laughter Yoga founder Lainie Diamond is behind the first public laughter yoga classes in Houston through the Jung Center. In her classes, you’ll learn breathing-movement exercises that people of all professions, ages, and abilities can do.

Laughter yoga is great for mental, physical and spiritual health. It oxygenates the brain and the body, greatly strengthens the immune system, and restores joy and well-being. There are no floor exercises, so no yoga mats or exercise clothing needed.

Lainie teaches laughter yoga to numerous groups and individuals, teaching them how to breathe and move: which utilizes breathing, and laughter.

We dare you to watch the Houston Life team try laughter yoga…and not give us a good laugh!

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Have you guys ever heard of Houston Laughter Yoga? It's more than just LOLz, and it's really good for your whole body! Full segment on Houston Life today!

Posted by KPRC2 Lauren Kelly on Monday, May 18, 2020