Linda’s Tropical Fruits will give you a taste of the tropics right here in Houston

Just in time for summer, head over to Linda's Tropical Fruits to get some delicious, rare fresh fruits.

HOUSTON – The mangosteen, jackfruit, sour-sop, and the KING fruit durian...have you ever tried any of these exotic fruits? If so, then you know they might be a little hard to find in your typical grocery store.

About 3 years ago Linda Nguyen had a strong craving for them, but couldn’t locate any in town. That’s when she opened up Linda’s Tropical Fruits to bring all these fruits to Houston!

Pre COVID-19, we stopped by her store on Bellaire in Chinatown to taste some of these rare finds, only to find out that not only are they delicious, but also have many great health benefits!

Linda’s Tropical Fruits is currently open for business as usual, while maintaining all of the new health and safety regulations.

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