Experience Galveston Bay with a virtual field trip

GALVESTON – Looking for a way to make learning at home fun for your kids? You can now explore Galveston Bay with a virtual field trip.

It’s all part of a weekly video series from the Galveston Bay Foundation called, “At Home with The Bay.”

The videos cover a wide range of conservation topics related to the Bay, like oysters, wetlands, bay biodiversity and microscopic ecosystems.

“Our virtual field trips are actual activities that we would be doing with students if they participated in a real field trip with us, dissecting oysters, fishing with a net and identifying what they find, modeling the functions of wetlands, observing plankton under a microscope and doing a plankton tow, and exploring the environment using these cool mini microscopes,” said Cindy Wilems, director of education with the Galveston Bay Foundation.

Each video features a virtual lab, conservation craft, talk with a bay biologist and an activity of the week.

There’s also an activity guide that parents can access that goes along with each lesson. These guides are shared below in the descriptions of the online videos.

This program is designed for students in elementary and middle school.

“It’s important for everyone to learn about Galveston Bay, because we’re all connected. The Galveston Bay watershed goes all the way north of Dallas, all the way down to the Bay, so everything you do, where you live, directly affects the Bay and the animals that live there,” said Wilems.

They’re also sharing a series of relaxation videos for adults to help, “keep your stress at bay.”

For conservation tips and more information on the Galveston Bay Foundation, click here.

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