The stars of “This Is Us” share what it’s really like behind the scenes

HOUSTON – It’s one of the most talked about shows on television. NBC’s primetime drama “This Is Us” follows the story of three very different triplets and their families. Each week, the twists and turns keep fans crying, laughing and guessing what’s next.

“Houston Life” co-host Derrick Shore sat down with some of the stars of the show and quickly found out that they’re just as likable in real life as they are on television. Mandy Moore who plays Rebecca explains why she thinks the show is so special.

“This show is so universally appealing because at its core it really is about family,” said Moore. “Living in crazy times right now, it’s nice to be a part of cathartic entertainment.”

Based on the cast’s Instagram pages, it seems like a lot of fun is had behind the scenes. Justin Hartley who plays Kevin says others would probably be surprised by what they saw happening on set.

“People would be shocked, if they sat in the corner and watched, how much laughter there is in between all that crying,” said Hartley.

Many fans feel they know the actors intimately because of how personal their characters are on the show. Susan Watson who plays Beth, says she understands the connection.

“There’s a level of intimacy that people feel they already have with you,” said Watson. “They know you from this weekly relationship they have with your character."

Sterling K. Brown who plays Randall agrees and mentions that he’s always pleasantly surprised by strangers coming up to him with arms wide open for a hug.

“This character in particular has elicited a warmth that I haven’t experienced before,” said Brown. “It’s all sweet. It’s all love.”

Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan play Kate and Toby on the show. Their characters are a fan favorite couple, and the two explain how some of their fans are deeply invested in their relationship.

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“When I was potentially going to be leaving Toby at the altar, people were like, ‘I will abandon this show! I will sue NBC!’ People were irate,” said Metz.

Sullivan says that even the cast themselves are fans of the show, adding in jest how humble it is to love your own work.

“We could read the script and be surprised, and then the episode comes to television, and they’ve done things in the editing or with the music that changes everything again,” said Sullivan. “I watch my performance, and I’m like ‘Wow.’”

For the full interview, watch the video above. You can stream full episodes of “This Is Us” on streaming platforms or on NBC’s website.

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