How to throw a virtual baby shower

8 tips to celebrate the parents-to-be while social distancing

HOUSTON – Many events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, including baby showers, but there is way parents-to be can easily celebrate this joyful moment with friends and family.

Nina Spears, co-founder & CEO with the pregnancy and parenting website Baby Chick, shares great tips on how to have a baby shower, virtually.

While expecting parents can host the baby shower themselves, a friend or family member can still host it for them.

According to Spears, here’s what you need.


1. Send out a digital invite

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You can use PaperlessPost, Evite or Greenenvelope with a video link for guests to join. Popular options for video include Zoom, Google Hangouts and FaceTime.

“Keep in mind Google hangouts only allows 10 people to join the session, so you may have to keep the guest list small. FaceTime is only available for Apple products and Zoom only allows 40 minutes of free meeting time, but you can pay for more,” said Spears.

2. Decorate the area that will be behind you during your virtual shower

Baby shower
Baby shower (iStock)

Get balloons, a sign, flowers, a cake or cupcakes or something else to make it festive.

“I recommend picking a spot where you can have a fun backdrop and where your partner or whoever is with you can bring the gifts,” said Spears.

3. Have your guests mail you your baby shower gifts before the event but don’t open the boxes before the event

Pregnant Woman With a Baby Shower Gift
Pregnant Woman With a Baby Shower Gift (Alija)

“Whether they drop it off at your door or mail it to you before your shower, open it when everyone’s logged in,” said Spears.


4. Get dressed up and do your hair like you’re going to an in-person event

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BLESSED 🙏 GRATEFUL 🤗 SPEECHLESS 🥰 Last night my bestie @raquel__ledesma rose to the occasion & put together a Virtual Baby Shower for me! With #shelterinplace all of our planning efforts went out the window & honestly I figured I'd just have something when our Blueberry when he was born. But in true fashion she was determined to do something & OH BABY did she come through! From gathering some of my friends & family together, sending out registry info & even dropping off "Baby Shower in a Box" 🎁 with decor, cider & even mini bundt cakes in it! She's truly the BEST BESTIE anyone can ask for! I was on cloud 9 ☁️ during my V-Baby Shower! I can't believe it lasted almost 3 hours⏳!!! I felt so BLESSED by everyone who jumped on to spend time with me and share favorite memories we've shared 🤦‍♀️ play games 🥳 & open gifts🎁! We pretty much laughed the whole time... to the point where I was exhausted after our call! Once our V-party was over, I literally felt like I was in my 20's coming home from the club💃! I threw off my dress, kicked off my shoes, grabbed some pizza & talked non stop to Babe about how much fun I had & everything we did! Thank you again to everyone who showed up, sent gifts (I still see SO MANY coming) & to those who I know would of made it had the circumstances been different. Rowen & I are SO grateful & we can't wait for our Blueberry🤰 to meet all of you! #blessed #grateful #speechless #babyshower #quarantinebabyshower #babyshowerinabox #virtualbabyshower #waitingforourblueberry #cantwaittomeetyou

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“This is a big moment. You could still feel celebrated, feel beautiful. You can even record your virtual baby shower and have that video of you chatting with all your loved ones. So, yes! Get up, get showered, do your hair and make up,” said Spears.

5. You can play baby shower games virtually

Games like “Who’s the baby” works in a video environment, while others you can email everyone during the shower, and they can pull up and participate in virtually. These include The Price is Right, Baby Bump or Beer Belly, and Who Knows Mommy.

“There are tons of games, so don’t skip out on the fun,” said Spears.

6. For a sweet activity, have each guest share a memory, a blessing or something positive for the mom-to-be

"Something that we do in blessing way, I also like to do in baby showers. Tell the mother how proud you are, how she’s going to get through this because it can be a scary time right now for moms. To be able to say positive birth stories, tell her how beautiful she is, that’s just going to stay with her for the rest of the pregnancy and childbirth,” said Spears.

7. Open the gifts while everyone is on video

“A huge part of a baby showers is to see what everyone got mom. People love to 'ooo and ahhh’ over the latest baby things. It doesn’t matter if the gift it’s in a box, it doesn’t matter if it’s perfectly wrapped, we understand under these circumstances. But still being able to open and thank that person and have it be an event is wonderful,” she said.

8. Cheers with your guests

Request that everyone has a drink close by so they can cheer to the mama-to-be.

“And make sure that mama has a (non-alcoholic) drink,” said Spears.

To see Spears’s complete interview, watch the video above.

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