Ryan Eggold of ‘New Amsterdam’ talks season finale, quarantine confessions

HOUSTON – In case you were wondering, celebrities are feeling the affects of quarantine just as much as the rest of us, including "New Amsterdam’s’ Ryan Eggold who plays the lead role on the show.

Fans will know him as Dr. Max Goodwin, who always seems to be on the opposite side of where the good luck is happening. We’ve seen Max go through his fair share of downs, leaving us hoping that something good is in the cards for him. Could he find happiness in the season 2 finale? Fingers crossed, and we’ll find out tonight as it airs at 8p on NBC.

Ryan jumped on a Zoom call with Lauren Kelly to catch up on what he’s being doing with his quarantine time, the respect he has for the frontline healthcare workers, and to also let us know that he’s very much looking forward to asking “HOW CAN I HELP?" again very soon.

Watch the interview above, and tune into the ‘New Amsterdam’ season 2 finale tonight at 8p on KPRC 2.

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