Houston comedian Ali Siddiq brings the funny for free during social distancing

The Corona Comedy Club will make you laugh out loud!

HOUSTON – Houston comedian Ali Siddiq has an impressive stand up career and made it all the way to finals of NBC’s comedy competition “Bring the Funny.”

These days, he’s at home like the rest of us and since everyone needs a bit of laughter, Siddiq shared details on his new social media project, the Corona Comedy Club, where’s he’s hosting popular comedians in a virtual setting.

“Wednesdays and Fridays, I do these shows at 7:30 pm our time. And I’ve got pretty good lineups. I’ve been having some good people. Roy Wood, Jr. Rodney Perry. Last night it was Nephew Tommy, JJ Williamson, and now I got Kenan Thompson and Michael Colyar coming up. We do this show. I bring the DJ in. I bring the acts in and out and I host the show. It’s something to keep the comics working so we won’t be rusty when it’s time to get back to work,” said Siddiq.

After appearing last year on “Bring the Funny,” Siddiq is thankful for the opportunity the show provided for him.

“I didn’t win, but I won a whole new fanbase from it. It was a great experience. Chrissy Teigen was wonderful, Jeff Foxworthy was a fan, Kenan Thompson was a big fan. So, I had a great time on the show,” said Siddiq, who has made appearances on Showtime, HBO, BET, AXS, and Comedy Central, where he also debuted his hour-long special.

The local comedian is discovering new things about his family while quarantined at home in Houston with his wife and three kids.

“I’m always on the road. So, it’s certain things that I don’t see because I’m busy. My son, he doesn’t bathe. Look, because I noticed things. Your soap cannot be the same size after two weeks, it can’t be,” he said.

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