Tai Chi basics you can try from home

The Houston Shaolin Temple gives us an intro to the ancient practice

HOUSTON – For many Houstonians, the 'Stay Home, Work Safe" order issued by the county has led to many people looking for ways to stay both physically and mentally active.

Enter Tai Chi, the ancient Chinese system of practice known worldwide for its physical and mental health benefits. We spoke to Justin Harrison with the Houston Shaolin Temple to give us an introduction to the art.

“This practice just gets you moving. That’s the most important thing to do when you’re stuck at home or stuck indoors. Tai Chi is often one of the most solitary practices you can do. You can do it by yourself and really get a lot of benefits from it." said Justin.

The Houston Shaolin Temple is one of the places in Houston that offers Tai Chi, among many other martial arts classes. It is home to Grandmaster Shi De Shan, a 31st generation Shaolin Warrior Monk and 11th generation representative of Chen Village Tai Chi. For over 20 years Grandmaster Shi De Shan has been teaching students in the path of health, fitness, respect and honor.

Dubbed as “moving meditation”, Tai Chi’s slow, graceful movements can help with relaxation of the body and the mind. It has been found to help with flexibility, strength, balance and mental focus.

“Your mental health is most important at the moment. We talk about immunity, we talk about keeping well, but if we’re not mentally well during this time, then we’re going to start feeling run down and tired. Keeping active is really important. Even doing 5 or 10 minutes a day, several times a day or where you can, can be very beneficial. Don’t be too strict and have some fun with it!” said Justin.

Watch the video above and follow along to learn how to do “Tai Chi walking” and “cloud hands."

For more information about the Houston Shaolin Temple you can connect with them on Facebook.