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SUPPORT LOCAL: Meet The Flora Culture owners who ‘aim to inspire first-time home and office plant owners and experts alike’

SUPPORT LOCAL: Meet The Flora Culture owners who 'aim to inspire first-time home and office plant owners and experts alike'
SUPPORT LOCAL: Meet The Flora Culture owners who 'aim to inspire first-time home and office plant owners and experts alike'

HOUSTON – Houston-based interior plant and flower design shop The Flora Culture specializes in curated interior scaping services aiming to inspire novice plant owners and experts alike, by encouraging interior design with nature in mind.

The Oakes created The Flora Culture with the hope to influence the integration of nature's beauty into homes and offices.

Due to the current circumstances, The Flora Culture shop is temporarily closed, but they are still up and running doing door deliveries at this time.

With all of the worry, anxiety and pressure many may be feeling, we can all use a major stress relief right about now. Did you know plants have positive effects on your mental, emotional and physical health? That’s why Jemine and Matthew, along with their two boys, Emory and Oliver, are happy to bring life to your space or home office.

So what better time to help support a small business?


1. Search @TheFloraCulture on social media or visit to pick an item you’re interested in.

2. If you’re not sure where the start, send the team a note, and they’ll be happy to offer some recommendations based on your space.

3. You can call 346-293-9870 to place an order or e-mail

*NOTE: The delivery charge is $5 for the first 10 miles and $1 for every mile after that.


  • All plants offered are in-door/house plants (tropical or desert plants)
  • Receive advise on how to care for your plants, grow them, love them, and help them thrive
  • They offer free potting - pick a plant, pick a pot, we will pot it for you (unless you want to get your hands dirty)
  • They offer experiential workshops from floral arrangements to learning about propagation, potting classes with kids, etc.
  • They do floral design for weddings and events (consults are free)


Interior design with the use of plants (or interior plant design). It is encouraging our innate desires as humans to connect with nature in our daily environment. Our home, and offices, the places where we spend much of our time, should be inviting and comforting. Plants have a way of breathing life into a space (literally and figuratively). Basically, no matter the size of your space, if you have some sunlight, you can have a plant, and that changes everything. Various studies have shown that indoor plants can boost your mood, reduce stress, positively affect your mental health, and affect your physical health by cleaning the air by absorbing toxins and releasing oxygen into the air.


  • Consider your family dynamic – some plants are not recommended for homes with children or pets
  • Consider the sunlight available in various spaces – some plants love direct, indirect or low light. And there are some options for spaces with little to no light as well.
  • Consider your space – Floor space is sometimes hard to find in smaller spaces. In these instances, you can get creative with options like hanging planters, wall planters or even living walls.
  • Consider your personality – Try to find a plant that fits your care “personality” whether that is a plant that is low maintenance or requires a little more love.
  • Talk to an expert if you don’t know where to start – that’s why the Flora Culture is here! We’ll talk about your space, guide you through the process and will even come out to your space to design.

The Flora Culture is located at 3100 Chimney Rock Suite A4, Houston, Texas 77056, make to pay them a visit once this is all over.

About the Author:

Catherine Sorto is a native Houstonian, a true crime junkie and loves flamin' chips.