5 ways to keep your pups entertained while you’re stuck at home

puppies sitting
puppies sitting (Lauren Kelly)

HOUSTON – It’s only been about 7 days since everyone was told that staying home is our best way to fight the Coronavirus from spreading, but mannnnn...it sure does feel like it’s been a lot longer!

For the working world, there’s been a huge a spike in digital group calls and online meetings. For friends, happy hour now happens through FaceTime, and the kids have never made so many art projects!

But what about our pets?? What are you doing to keep your fur babies entertained?

Since today is National Puppy Day, I’m here to give you 5 ideas to keep your pups busy during the day.

1. Take your dog on a walk

There’s nothing more that your dog loves than to just go for a walk around the block. The weather’s been nice and cool, and they’ll definitely appreciate the fresh air. I’m sure we could all benefit from a little fresh air after being cooped up for a few days. Plus, it’s great exercise for the both of you.

2. Work on a new trick

Dogs are never too old to learn something new! And since consistency is KEY when it comes to training our pooches, practice makes perfect. You’ve got all the time you need. You could work on sitting, shaking paws, or even doing a spin, and then you can show your friends the next time you all get together.


Seriously, is there anything our pets love more than going for a ride in the car?! It doesn’t even matter where you’re going. Watching the joy my little Minnie gets when she finds out we are getting in the car gives me so much joy. She just wants to spend time with me, and riding around the car even calms her down a little. And let’s not forget about rolling the window down for the air to hit their faces! Ugh, THE BEST!

4. Spend some time at the park

Not only do dogs love to be outside and enjoying fresh air, but they need to be able to run around a burn off some energy. Even though most people are staying away from parks to avoid germs, dogs don’t necessarily get on the equipment. A nice 30-minute stop at a park (even if it’s just an open field) just so they can run, play fetch, dig their never-ending holes (lol) will have your pet giving you extra kisses by the end of the day.

5. Just flat out SPOIL THEM

Since normally pet-parents aren’t home for much of the day, now is the time for all the belly rubs, a few more extra treats, and maybe even a big chew stick or two. Dogs LOVE having their tummies rubbed, and finding their tickle spots is half the fun! At the end of the day, your pup just wants to hang out with you...on the couch, at the park, in front of the tv...it doesn’t matter. Go ahead and let them give you a big face-lick today, After all, today is their day.

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