Believe In DOG Training’s Puppy Day School is a class your pup will love

HOUSTON – Puppyhood is the best opportunity we have to influence a dog’s behavior, and help shape personality and temperament.

Programs like Stephanie Bennett’s Believe In DOG Training Puppy Day school create a safe place for puppies to socialize, and have lots of fun!

Puppy Day School is not a doggie daycare, but rather a very structured environment with a custom curriculum developed for each pup.

They allow a max of 15 puppies per day, which keeps a very small ratio of 5 puppies per trainer.

During the day, puppies are on a schedule that rotates between training, group play, enrichment activities, potty breaks, and rest. The puppies are handled often, encouraged to explore, investigate and problem solve.

At pick up time, owners are filled in on how their puppy performed that day, are given tips on what to work in at home and receive a report card to keep track of their pup’s progress.

Check out Tex and Courtney Zavala’s dog Oscar below, they love it!

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