Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers has food the whole family will love

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HOUSTON – Kids coming home from practice, mom and dad getting off of work, it’s been a busy day...how about letting Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers take care of dinner?

Freddy’s is so much more than your traditional American hamburger restaurant.

Aside from steakburgers, hot dogs, shoe-string fries, and delicious smooth custard for dessert, Freddy’s is also very much involved in the community.

They have spirit night fundraisers for schools with a 15% donation, teacher appreciation cards, report card incentive meal cards for students, and even good patient reward cards that dentists and doctors hand out to children.

Freddy’s also has a very popular food truck, which can cater festivals, graduations, wedding receptions, birthday parties, and more.

For more info (and great dinner ideas for this evening!) log onto Freddysusa.com.

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