These 6 products will make bath time safe and fun for your baby

Bath time doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful

HOUSTON – Some babies love it, some hate it, but bath time is an important moment of a baby’s routine, and you need the right supplies is to make it safe and pleasant, as well.

Nina Spears, co-founder & CEO with Baby Chick, shares 6 baby bath essentials for your little one.

“I’m hoping that with some of my favorite products you can have successful bath time, but also safe for baby,” said Spears, who shared great tips to help mom and dad with bath time.

“When you’re doing bath time in the tub, make sure the water is warm, it’s not too cold, it’s not too hot. So, test it out either with your elbow or the inside of your arm and wrist where you have more sensitive skin. It needs to be between body temperature or 100 °F,” said Spears, who is a childbirth educator and newborn care specialist.

“You want to make sure that the room where you have the tub is in is not too cold as well. And then, also, dump your washcloth and cover your baby so then it’s keeping its chest and core warm so they enjoy it the bath,” she said.


Baby bath time essentials
Baby bath time essentials (KPRC)

Product: SOAK from Boon

Price: $31.99

With an adjustable bump and contoured back, it suits reclining newborns through seated toddlers and fits in most double sinks.

“I absolutely love it because it does grow with your child. Some of the features that I really like is that the inclined is padded, so nice and soft for baby. The drain actually changes color and lets you know if it’s the right temperature for baby, which is huge,” said Spears.


Earth Mama Sweet Orange Castile
Earth Mama Sweet Orange Castile (KPRC)

Product: Earth Mama Sweet Orange Castile

Price: $9.99

This baby wash is safe, effective and mild for delicate baby skin and hair. It’s castile-based vanilla, sweet orange, and calendula liquid soap. And it smells greats.

“I always go to Earth Mama. They have the safest, cleanest organics ingredients in their stuff. You can find them at Target, Amazon health foods,” said Spears.


FLO from Boon
FLO from Boon

Product: FLO from Boon

Price: $14.99

Slip FLO over your faucet to gently divert the flow of water. And its bubble bath reservoir dispenses bubbles with the press of a button for a fun bath time experience.

“Something that babies and toddlers are curious is where is all that water coming from and their fingers can get stuck in the faucet. It can also be too hot sometimes. So, having a protector can really help for that,” said Spears.


Drain cover from Boon
Drain cover from Boon

Product: STAR from Boon

Price: $10.99

With its super soft exterior that helps protect against injury, it has a dual purpose; it covers the existing plug while also forming a suction over the drain so no water can escape.

“People don’t really think about this, but injuries can occur. And that stopper, babies if they’re running around, jumping around, they can land, break a tailbone on that drain cover, so having something soft like this is super helpful. It also creates a suction, so no water is coming through,” said Spears.


GRIFFLE bathtub mat
GRIFFLE bathtub mat

Product: GRIFFLE from Boon

Price: $19.99

It covers a large portion of your tub and it has a super soft textured surface to prevent slipping. This mat also features a built-in hook for hanging.

“I love that is really large. A lot of bathmats are really small. It also has drain holes in and hanging. That way it really allows water to get through so less mildew and mold, which is better for mom and baby,” said Spears.


Gingham Baby Hooded Towel & Washcloths Set
Gingham Baby Hooded Towel & Washcloths Set

Product: Hooded towel and wash cloth from Pottery Barn Kids

Price: $34.50

This cute knitted terry bordered by cotton gingham brings plush absorbency and simple sweetness. If you love monogramming your baby’s things, the wrap can be personalized for an additional cost.

“Dry off baby comfortably with a plush and absorbent hooded towel and washcloth set,” said Spears.

For Spears’s complete interview and tips, watch the video above.

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