Helpful home products you need in 2020

Simple updates you can make around the house

HOUSTON – From smart candles to a low-maintenance purifier, there are simple ways to improve your home’s look and atmosphere.

Home improvement and lifestyle expert, Kathryn Emery, shares 4 helpful home products you need to know about.

SKil Power Core

SKil Power Core

This versatile power drill will help you get home improvement jobs done around the house. It has longer run time and has a USB port built right into the battery to help with mobile charging.

“The nice thing is, you’re not going to run out of power. If it does run out of power, it has power charge. So, in 5 minutes you get 25% back,” said Emery.

Available at: Amazon

LIFX Candle Color

LIFX Candle Color (KPRC)

This smart home candle will do wonders for your home’s ambiance by changing the colors of your light from your phone. Also, you can set it to a timer to wake you with warm lights.

“You can paint in the app and it changes the bulb. It’s the world-first smart light with Polychrome Technology. So, you can make blues at the top when you’re reading. There could be a hue blue on the ceiling and white underneath, so you can read. It’s just a really nice ambiance. And I love that it needs no hub,” said Emery.

Available at: LIFX

Stinger Brush

Stinger Brush

This new bush helps you with painting projects so you can improve the look of your home. The best part is that it leaves crisp lines without having to use painter’s tape.

“This paint brush is different because of its angle design. So automatically cuts in for you. And it has a mixture of filaments throughout it so it’s going to evenly distribute the paint,” said Emery.

Available at: Amazon

Air Innovations Compact Air Purifier

Air Innovations Compact Air Purifier

This purifier is energy efficient and it helps you remove allergens and odor in the air. It also gets rid of smoke, dust, pollen and cooking odors.

“I love this (product) because it has a permanent filter. So, you just pull it out and wash it. It’s amazing. And then it only pulls 4W of electricity. And it’s good for medium to large bedrooms. Grab one and put it in every room,” said Emery.

Available at: Air Innovations

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