New Year, new 'do: 3 ways to change up your hairstyle for 2020

The stylists share their secrets to reinvent your look

HOUSTON – Whether you want to try a shorter cut or a bold color, the stylists at The Upper Hand salon can take your vision and make it a reality.

1. Add instant length and volume


Hair extensions can easily give you that look without waiting a long time to grow out your hair. There are several options on the market for extensions. For this look, stylist Ashley Guerra used hand-tied weft extensions.


The installation process is faster than other extensions, at only three hours at the salon. Maintenance is also easier, because it only takes about 15-minutes for stylists to move up the extensions with beads, once the hair have grown out. A professional stylist can help you find the right match and color, so you can really get a natural look.

2. Go short with a Pixie style

Stylists share ways to change your look for the New Year.
Stylists share ways to change your look for the New Year. (KPRC)

This cut is great if you’re wanting to make a drastic change, like going from a longer style to a shorter style. A Pixie cut is totally customizable and can be done with bangs, longer pieces in the front, layers or whatever you prefer. It can really add texture to your look, and works great with thick hair. Plus, it’s super convenient and easy to style!

3. Don’t be afraid of color


Bold colors are always on trend and make a great statement. For this look, the stylist did a complete color overhaul and took her locks from dark to blonde and then “highlighted” them with a bright pink and orange color. The whole process took about seven hours in the salon, and the result is a perfect blend of bright colors. They topped it off with an edgy, modern-day mullet cut.

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