From North Houston to ‘Project Runway’: Q&A with fashion designer Alan González

The season 18 contestant is back home working with his clothing line Alantude

Houstonian Alan González is having the best moment of his career after appearing on the popular Bravo TV competition series "Project Runway." The talented designer stopped by Houston Life to share big news about his future after the show, and showed us as a preview of his latest collection with his clothing line Alantude.

HOUSTONS – Houstonian Alan González is having the best moment of his career after appearing on the popular Bravo TV competition series “Project Runway.”

The talented young designer caught everyone’s attention during the 18th season of the hit show for his creations and his fierce personality.

“As an artist, I’m inspired by things that happen in my personal life. So, to be thrown an inspiration at you, it’s out of this world," said González.

And even though he left the show earlier than expected, his rise to the top of the fashion world, has only just begun.

González gave us a preview of his designs with his clothing line Alantude.

“I’m constantly inspired by my mother. She’s such a strong, powerful woman. Coming in as an immigrant here and doing the whole thing as a single parent, raising two kids. Having that powerful woman day after day is what inspires me to be design for women and I want to continue to do that," he said.

Fashion designer Alan Gonzalez and his models. (KPRC)

If you want to get to know González a little better, here’s what he shared about his personal life.

Q: Who is your favorite designer?

A: I have favorite aesthetics. I love the shape of a classic Dior, the beauty of an Elie Saab, and the eccentricity of Alexander McQueen.

Q: What is your favorite fashion accessory?

A: I love a good poncho. It’s quick to put on and off and elevates any look instantly.

Q: What design rule you love to break?

A: Edna Mode once said, “No Capes!” Though I admire her as a designer, I must say that I break that rule all the time because I love capes!

Q: Best fashion advice you’ve ever received?

A: Fashion is fun. It doesn’t have to be serious all the time and I live by that advice daily.

Q: Who would be the dream person you would love to dress?

A: Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are the muses to my long flowing gowns. It would be a dream come true to see them in Alantude.

Q: What is your biggest indulgence?

A: Anything “Toy Story.” I have started collecting any type of cute little “Toy Story” memorabilia no matter how unnecessary and ridiculous it is. It is definitely my secret indulgence.

Q: What are some of your favorite places around Houston?

A: Everywhere you go in Houston has a different vibe and beauty to it. The amazing thing about Houston is the diversity. You can step from one block to the next and be in a completely new culture. If you drive for 10 minutes, you have encountered a new place to eat and live your best life. Get out there and explore every corner of Houston. They are all my favorite.

To see González’s complete interview, watch the video above. And to see what designer Christian Siriano thinks of him, watch the video above.

And to see what to expect this season on “Project Runway,” watch the video below.

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