Organize your kitchen like a pro with these tips from a Houston organizing expert

Kitchen (Pixabay)

The kitchen is hands-down one of the most important rooms in your home. It doesn’t matter whether Doordash delivery is you daily dinner go-to or you’re a master chef in the making. We all need a place to prepare and store our food, even if it’s just takeout.

Considering the sheer number and variety of things you store in your kitchen (plastic containers, small appliances, food, and dishware, just to name a few) we suspect most of you are harboring some sort of clutter in your kitchen at this very moment.

Get your clutter under control with these tips from Houston organizing expert Nancy Devlin. Follow her pro advice and liberate yourself from the insanity of rummaging through your cabinets looking for that one plastic container lid you just can’t find.

Here’s how she suggests organizing your kitchen:

Refrigerator and freezer:

• Take everything out! Throw out old food, anything expired, don’t know what it is frozen items, and freezer burned food

• Clean all empty shelves and bins well

• Use InterDesign Deep Fridge Bins for organizing like products