Houston professional bowler competes in national Bowlero Elite Series

Meet Jay Nephew, he’s a Bowlero Elite Series competitor who has been bowling for more than 50 years and holds 58 perfect 300 games.

Jay recently stopped by to discuss his professional journey and how he got involved in the sport of bowling.

“When I was three years old, all I cared about for Christmas, a 3-year-old normally has a long list, I had a bowling ball," said Jay Nephew. “All I wanted was a bowling ball, and Santa brought me that bowling ball.”

Nephew holds three international titles, two PBA Regional Tour wins and will be competing in the 2019 Bowlero Elite Series airing on NBC.

Tune in to watch the Bowlero Elite Series

  • Sunday
  • December 29th
  • Noon
  • KPRC Channel 2