This Pinterest-worthy hot cocoa bar will be a hit at your next party

Happy hot chocolate season y’all

HOUSTON – If you’re having friends or family over this holiday season, you can surprise your guests with a DIY hot chocolate bar.

Interior decorator and party stylist, Chári Herndon, shares this sweet idea that has been a success on Pinterest, and is great for an easy mess-free cleanup afterwards.

“The thing I love about this, is that Pinterest-worthy details are a fraction of the cost you think they would cost. Use Amazon, Target. Probably a lot of these (items) are things you already have at home,” said Herndon, who has 10 years of experience styling parties, and shared great tips to make a unique event.

“Use calligraphy in topping tags, and cup sleeves. They can be used as party favors for guests,” said Herndon, who also suggested brightening up your cups with a Nutella and Graham Cracker flavored rim.

Chári Herndon shows a DIY hot cocoa bar
Chári Herndon shows a DIY hot cocoa bar (KPRC)

Herndon shared the recipe below.

Nutella and Graham Cracker rim


• Hot cocoa k-cups

• Nutella

• Graham Crackers

• Chocolate Mini Chips

• Marshmallows

• Gold Sanding Sugar

• Cinnamon

• Crushed Peppermint

• Caramel Bits

• Hershey's Kisses

Supply List:

• 3-inches Mini Wood Scoops

• Parchment Paper

• Ziploc Snack Bags

• Monin Syrup Pump (for Baileys Irish Cream)

• Baileys Irish Cream

• 16-ounce wide mouth jars

• 12-ounce paper cups

• Cup Sleeves

• Butter Knife


1. Tape down a sheet of parchment paper on all four sides. Place a graham cracker inside of your snack size zip lock bag and crush into crumbs. Set aside.

2. Spread your Nutella in a large circle shape in the center of the parchment paper.

3. Dip the rim of your cup into the Nutella Spread.

4. Lift your cup making sure the rim is evenly coated with Nutella and set aside.

5. Spread your crushed graham crackers on top of your Nutella.

6. Dip your cup into the crushed graham crackers until the rim is evenly coated. Gently tap the side of the cup to shake off any excess.

7. Add your hot chocolate and toppings of your choice and a pump of Baileys Irish Cream.

8. Add your whip cream and cup sleeve.

9. Sprinkle on a little cinnamon or gold sanding sugar on top of your cocoa for a festive look.

10. Enjoy.

To see Herndon’s complete interview, watch the video above.

Instructions provided by Chári Herndon.

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