OneUp Duo’s new holiday single will have you reaching for the tissues

The pair perform and discuss their latest original song “Let Me Come Home” on Houston Life

HOUSTON – OneUp Duo from season 15 of “The Voice” returned to Houston Life to perform their new holiday single “Let Me Come Home,” an emotional song about the struggles members of the LGBTQ+ community face regarding family acceptance during the holiday season. The song, inspired by personal experiences of OneUp Duo singer Adam Bell-Bastien, is a heart-wrenching ballad that reminds listeners about the difficulties this time of year often brings and why love for all is so important. The music video includes moving testimonies that emphasize this message.

The pair also partnered up with PFLAG, the first and largest organization for LGBTQ+ people, their families and allies, to spread the message of “Let Me Come Home” as far and wide as possible.

Q & A with OneUp Duo

When you’re done blowing your nose, here’s a Q & A for you to get to know the talented twosome, Adam and Jerome Bell-Bastien.

Q: How did you guys meet?

A: (Jerome) “A video shoot”

“A video shoot in Minneapolis. At the time he (Adam) was signing with a vocal group, and the head of their group asked me to come in to do a video with them and also to be his love interest in a music video...and the rest was history.”

Q: Did you guys set out to be role models or were you just living life the way your core told you to?

A: (Adam) “It was a perfect blend”

“It was a perfect blend of both of those things, actually. We went out there just hoping to show a different side of love to America. It was a gift to be able to be on that show (“The Voice”) and just be ourselves.”

Q: That was the first time your families came together?

A: (Jerome) “Yes!”

“Yes! That was the first time that our families had met. That was the first time he had met my parents.”

Adam: “It was no normal meeting, I’ll tell you that! You get up very early. They do all those backstage interviews. I’m talking to his parents for the first time, they’re talking to my parents, and you just kind of go into the auto-pilot mode. I can’t really remember what was happening!”

Fun Facts:

  • Jerome is originally from Lubbock, Texas
  • Adam is from Michigan
  • Both now reside in NY
  • Jerome made it to top 40 on the tenth season of “American Idol”
  • Adam was previously in a vocal quartet called 7th Avenue

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