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Houston history: Have you grabbed a cold one at one of the city’s oldest bars?

HOUSTON – Across from Market Square park sits a two-story brick building filled with more than 170 years of rich history.

Known as La Carafe, this current bar wasn’t always filling pints with cold beer. In fact, it operated as several other businesses before becoming a wine bar.

Located on 813 Congress Street, La Carafe was built in 1847 by developer Nathaniel Kellum.

Through its years, the structure was operated as a trading post, stage shop and coffee shop, until it became La Carafe in the 1950s.

In 1979, the building became an official Texas Historic Landmark. On its plaque, it states that the building was operated by Irish native John Kennedy and was used as a bakery.

The building was passed down and operated by the Kennedys until the 1970s. According to an interview with the previous owner, Carolyn Wenglar, the bakery served baked biscuits to Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.

Today you can visit the pub and enjoy a nice cold drink surrounded by historical artifacts.

Check out the historical structure yourself