Shun Japanese Kitchen makes popular fluffy souffle pancakes

HOUSTONShun Japanese Kitchen in the River Oaks District has one dessert dish that sets them apart from other sushi restaurants: JIGGLY JAPANESE PANCAKES!

You may have seen these pancakes on social media, (as they are super Insta-worthy) but believe it or not...Owner/Chef Renee Yoshida didn’t even know how to make them a few months ago. After multiple requests and messages, she decided to give the people what they want! Fluffy, jiggly, souffle pancakes. So she went on YouTube and taught herself how to make them.

We stopped into Shun Japanese Kitchen in the River Oaks District, where chef Renee (who co-owns the restaurant with her husband, Naoki Yoshida) gave us a lesson on how these fluffy and savory souffle pancakes are made.

Keep in mind, these pancakes are only made on Sunday...so plan a stop in for the perfect way to kick those Sunday scaries!