Dumpling Dudez cook up some colorful dumplings

HOUSTON – There’s nothing better than taking that leap of faith into something new with your best friend, especially when it’s something you both LOVE doing. For Mike and Chih, that love is DUMPLINGS...and out of that love came Dumpling Dudez!

The pair have been cooking together for 12 years, and worked as engineers before leaving their jobs to pursue their dreams. If you as k Mike and Chih, the experience is all about the fun and unique dumpling EXPERIENCE.

They make all kinds of flavors, even some fun holiday flavors, and their colors are made with all natural ingredients. The classes are perfect for birthdays, team building, or even a cute date night.

The classes begin with a little social interaction, then a lesson on how to make, stuff and cook the dumplings...and of course end with a feast of the products that you cooked!

Flavors include: traditional and fun fusion recipes such as chorizo mac and cheese, bacon cheeseburger, pizza, pork and leek, Mexican Pastor, Nutella and Banana. Yum!