3 pregnancy stretches you need to get the best night's sleep

REACH Stretch Studios shares helpful exercises for moms-to-be


Mom’s-to-be need all the help they can get to have a good night’s rest. So, finding out that some simple stretch moves can do the trick seems like a dream come true!

Ryan Terry, co-founder of REACH Stretch Studios, explains that carrying a bundle of joy can often result in a lot of discomfort like shortness of breath, swollen ankles and back pain, all of which can lead to lack of sleep.

If a mother comes in, and we get you on the table, we can assess some of your issues a lot better. We can alleviate that, and I guarantee she’s going to enjoy a much better quality of life and sleep during her pregnancy.

REACH Stretch Studios assists clients one-on-one, a very appealing concept to women who may be feeling self-conscious during their pregnancy. But, for those who prefer to try these moves from the privacy of their home, you’re in luck!

Pregnancy stretches to try at home

1. The bridge from supine position

  • Alleviates issues with hip flexors
  • While laying on your back, keep your knees together and thrust your hips upward while squeezing your glutes. Lower your hips and repeat for 10 reps.
  • Perform on a flat surface with a pillow under your head.

2. Lower trunk rotation from supine position

  • Works on glutes and alleviates lower back pain
  • While laying on your back, bend your knees and move them from side to side.
  • If laying flat on your back is uncomfortable, you can elevate your head and back to be in a sitting position.

3. Seated figure-four stretch

  • Good for stretching hips and back
  • Sit on the ground with your palms on the floor behind you. Cross your right ankle over your left knee then flex your right foot. Sit tall and lean forward at your hips until you feel a stretch.
  • Breathe deeply before switching sides.


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