Why the fourth-largest bank in Houston changed its name

Find out the reason why BBVA Compass it's now called BBVA

HOUSTON – The fourth-largest bank in Houston recently underwent a rebranding and it’s now called BBVA.

Jeff Dudderar, Texas regional executive for BBVA USA, stopped by our studio to explain why the change of name for this global financial services group with presence in 30 countries around the world.

“We are a really good organization across the globe. We have the second-largest bank in Spain, The second-largest bank in Turkey, largest franchise in Mexico, leading franchise in the US, second-largest in South America, but people didn’t connect that, so we wanted to connect that with one brand and changed it to BBVA,” said Dudderar, who emphasized how important Houston is for the bank.

“Houston is kind of a think big kind of city, so it’s really the place to be headquartered, where we spend a lot of time, we’re the fourth largest bank here also, and we think there’s a lot of connection between our company BBVA and the city of Houston,” said Dudderar about this financial institution, which operates 329 branches in Texas.

Besides the change in the bank’s buildings, Houstonians can also see the change in the name of the Houston Dynamo’s soccer stadium, formerly known as BBVA Compass stadium, it’s now BBVA stadium, a project that the bank supported since the beginning.

“If you think about where the stadium is today and what it was like 20 years ago, everybody wants to be there. And there’s been a lot of investment, a lot of people live there, so we're part of that initial built out and that feels good, and that’s what we are really focused in the company. We want to create opportunities for everyone and we can look at that as one of the examples,” he said.

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To see Dudderar’s complete interview, watch the video above.

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