Meet T-Rex and other "DINOSAURS" at the Houston Zoo

HOUSTON – Step back in time with the "DINOSAURS" exhibit at the Houston Zoo.

This exhibit features 17 life-size animatronic creatures, that can move their heads, arms and tails.

One dinosaur on display, the Suchomimus, can even spit water at unsuspecting guests!


During the experience, guests can learn what these prehistoric creatures have in common with animals at the zoo.

The value pass is the best way to see the dinosaurs, and that is $24.95 for adults. It gets you into the dinosaurs, into the whole zoo, unlimited carousel rides, and a conservation bracelet," said Jackie Wallace with the Houston Zoo.

"DINOSAURS" is open now through September 2 at the Houston Zoo.

For ticket information and more, click here or call 713-533-6500.

This article is sponsored by the Houston Zoo.