The Art of LeGogh at The Allen

Master LEGO builder contructs 3-D model, using roughly 180K pieces.


If you love LEGOs, then you have to check out this 7-foot -tall masterpiece created by a world-renowned master builder right here in Houston.

Eric Hunter, founder of The Art of LeGogh, just completed a LEGO model of The Residences At The Allen, a new hotel and condominium development project being built along Allen Parkway and Gillette Street.

Eric has built a countless number of amazing models, using LEGOS, for clients all over the world and continues to design sculptures for The Lego Group.

“I design and build custom LEGO models of anything you desire; from buildings and vehicles to mosaics, sculptures and more, boasts Hunter on his website.”

Houston Life co-host Courtney Zavala got the chance to speak with Hunter about when his love for creating 3-D models, with LEGOS, began and why he’s continued to do so for so long.

“The first time I picked one up, when I was about four […] I remember – as a little boy – thinking what my job would be like when I’d get to do this when I grew up.”

According to Hunter, the model was constructed using around one hundred eighty thousand LEGO pieces and took close to four hundred sixty hours to build, from concept to completion.

When asked why Eric was commissioned to build such a complex structure using LEGOS, residential sales director, Samuel Katz responded,

“We wanted demonstrate the site plan. But, we always want to be, sort of unique and different and never boring. So, we thought that the best creative solution […] was to hire Eric […] so that we could demonstrate our long-term vision for the site.”

Once the 3-D model is complete, each building will light up for a more interactive experience.

“The more details and little things that you include, that’s what really excites people,” Hunter expressed.

When The Allen is finally finished being constructed, Hunter says the plan for his LEGO replica is to be moved into the completed complex, so that occupants will be able to view a smaller version of the campus where they live and/or work.

If you’re looking to commission Hunter to build a custom structure made of LEGOS click here.

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