Team Teach: giving sick students a fighting chance

A non-profit focused on building bridges for children with chronic illnesses.

HOUSTON – Co-host Derrick Shore shines the HL spotlight on "Team Teach", a non-profit organization that's dedicated to building bridges for children with chronic illnesses.

"It takes a support system," said Founder - Donna Shanklin. "Often, these kids are in alternative settings... and by having these teachers to go and experience this for the summer, to work directly with these types of children, they have a better understanding."

As a non-profit organization, "Team Teach relies on finding creative ways to fund their work. That is why Ms. Shanklin has opened a re-sale boutique, named Glamours Style Station, where all the proceeds go towards helping finance the "Team Teach" program.

To learn more about "Team Teach" or how you can help, by donating your time or money, click here.