Enhance your appearance without painful surgery

Discover ML Skin Spa, a wellness boutique to take care of your health and beauty

HOUSTON – Whether you need a quick vitamin boost or help with pesky problem areas of your body, there's a new medical spa in The Galleria that offers a variety of wellness treatments and customizable procedures.

“ML Skin Spa is a wellness boutique. We focus not only on aesthetic beauty, but the inner core of the beings of our clients. That said, we specialize in derma fillers, injectables, body countering and skin tightening, with an emphasis on IV therapy and vitamins, nutrients, as well,” said Amira Naser, Med Spa curator of ML Skin Spa.

For those looking for extra help with fat reduction, ML Skin Spa offers something different and unique called Vanquish, a heat-based treatment that is nonsurgical and requires no downtime for faster results.    

“It destroys the fat cells and then it cycles to your lymphatic system with the help of something called cellutone,” said Naser, who said clients can try this treatment at the world-class medical spa.

“Vanquish is ideal for people who have larger areas of concern, particularly around the abdomen, flanks, love handles, arms and thighs, and those who feel diet and exercise are not providing those exact results. The result is a much faster, more effective outcome for a client that’s looking for a slimmer body contour-like figure,” said Naser.

At ML Skin Spa, you can also transform your face with a treatment called Exilis Ultra 360 that is geared toward skin tightening and collagen regeneration. The spa also offers five different kinds of fillers under the Juvederm family to improve your lips and give them the look you desire.

And if you are looking for a different kind of revamping, the professional staff also specializes in contouring of the face by creating or enhancing a jaw line.

“A lot of our clients don’t know that filler can be used for a variety of reasons. A common notion --people think filler is only for lips,” said Naser.

ML Skin Spa is offering 50% off its body sculpting, skin tightening and fat destruction packages to Houston Life viewers.  It is also offering $100 off filler and Botox for $10 per unit.

To get in on this special offer or for more information on ML Skin Spa, call 323-318-7546 or click here to visit its website.

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