Spice AND flavor?! Local restaurant brings Peri Peri food craze to Houston

Learn more about The Peri Peri Factory and their unique chicken dishes

HOUSTON – A new flavor is shaking up the Houston restaurant scene. 

Ali Al-Omeri and his team at the Peri Peri Factory have been serving up flame grilled Portuguese/South African style chicken for almost a year.

Everything revolves around flavor at the Peri Peri Factory, and that unique flavor comes from the Peri Peri Pepper, or African Bird's Eye chili.

Most of Ali's dishes include grilled, not fried chicken, and customers can chose from Mild, Hot, Extra Hot, Inferno, Lemon and Herb, Mango and Lime, and Garlic sauces. 

"When you work with spices and heat, you can get the heat but you can lose the flavor. That's one of the things we didn't want to lose is the flavor. We wanted more flavor, but with a nice kick of spice," said Ali Al-Omeri, The Peri Peri Factory Owner. 

The Peri Peri Factory is located at  6375 Westheimer Rd.

For more information you can call (832) 740-4922 or visit their website


This article is sponsored by The Peri Peri Factory.