RECIPES: Smoothies for nursing moms

Are you a new mom? We have great recipes to increase lactation naturally

HOUSTON – If you are a new mom who is struggling to provide your baby with enough milk, we understand your cause for concern. But know there are natural ways to increase milk production.

Beauty life coach and soon-to-be mom of three  Michelle Hammons stopped by our studio to share smoothie recipes for nursing moms that help increase lactation.

These smoothies are easy to prepare and delicious for everyone at home to try.

“I love this approach because it’s good for the entire family. It’s all about healthy eating. Oats, avocados, really fatty food will help your milk supply,” said Hammons, who suggests using organic ingredients and natural sweeteners in these recipes.

And if you do not drink dairy, Hammons also offers a great alternative to use in the smoothies.

“You can use coconut yogurt or almond milk,” she said.

To see all the recommended foods, see the video above.