How to make love last

A matchmaker gives advice to couples on how to keep the sparks flying

HOUSTON – Finding “the one” it’s hard, but keeping the love alive can be even harder. Whether you have been dating the same person for a couple of months, or you’ve been married for 20 years, it’s important to keep the sparks flying.

Matchmaker Amber Neal, stopped by our studio to share tips for couples who want to make it last, starting with the five-minute rule.

“We are so busy, we have so many things going on, we have so many obligations, especially when kids and family are involved, especially at this age where you are taking care of parents and kids and so much time it’s taken from you. When you really need to talk to your mate, give them five minutes. No kids, no phone, no interruptions, nothing. Give them that undivided attention,” Neal said.

To spice thing up, Neal recommends saying yes to sex.

“You do have to say 'yes', it helps you rekindle, it helps that affection, the touch, because sometimes your language of love might be affection and touch, so if you are not getting that, you are going to feel neglected, so be very aware of what your partner’s language of love is," Neal suggests.

To see all seven tips, watch the video above.