'The Voice' Sarah Grace performs 'Amazing Grace'

The 16-year-old singer and Houston native talks life and music after 'The Voice'

HOUSTON – “It’s been an insane journey, especially coming back now, I get to play my music for myself and with my band for the Houston audience,” said Sarah Grace, the 16-year-old blues singer in her first TV appearance since NBC’s “The Voice” ended in December 2018.

“I’m so blessed I had so much time on that show, because I was able to figure out what I was doing the more that I was on it, but there’s definitely a lot of pressure, I know that all of us minors just stuck together, all supportive of each other and I think that took a lot of the pressure off,” said Grace who counts with “The Voice” season 15 winner, Chevel Sheperd, as a close friend.

Grace was part of team Kelly and spoke about her experience with her mentor, singer Kelly Clarkson.

"She’s so amazing, she is so authentic and that’s something that you can tell she looks for in all of her close friends, it's authenticity and she is so cool to have behind us while we were going through this process, because she has been through it. She knows the road map and she was very sweet as a friend as a coach,” said Grace, who continues doing and performing music now with her band Sarah Grace and the Soul.

“I consider myself a roots artist so I pull from all kind of different genres, I have a little bit of blues in me, I have a little bit of rock in me, a little bit of soul. I’m definitely venturing into pop a little bit more of what I used to and I’m super excited about it," she said.

To see Sarah’s complete interview and performance, watch video above.