Affordable maternity looks to dress up the bump

Stylish maternity fashion to wear during and after pregnancy

HOUSTON – “This is the biggest miracle of your life and it’s the most beautiful time. Even if you are feeling sick, you can feel sexy, you can feel beautiful and you can embrace that moment,” said blogger and beauty life coach Michelle Hammons, who stopped by our studio with great maternity looks for 2019 and is encouraging women to look fabulous during their pregnancy.

Hammons, who is pregnant with her third child, shared great advice on maternity wear.

“When I’m pregnant, I love to pair things with vests, because as we know, our hips can widen a little bit, and it really does slim and help focus on the belly where you want things to be focused. I also pair things with leggings that also help secure everything. There are pregnancy leggings that are great,” said Hammons.

These looks are also transitional pieces from day to night but you can also wear them after giving birth.

“These pregnancy clothes are great because of the elasticity, and some of them are great for nursing if that is something you decide to do,” said Hammons.

To see the looks, watch the video above.