Reduce the look of under-eye bags and wrinkles with one product

Plexaderm promises results in a matter of minutes

HOUSTON – Tired of trying to cover up or hide wrinkles, under-eye bags and crow's feet?

Lifestyle expert Amy Vanderoef explains how Plexaderm can help eliminate those pesky signs of aging on the face.

"That’s what Plexaderm does, it erases back the time and you can see this how, how it works on marionette lines, those smile lines, the fine lines under the eye, the crow’s feet and this is just minutes after application," Vanderoef said.

Plexaderm is offering an extended New Year's special of 50% off with free shipping to Houston Life viewers.

To get in on this deal, call 1-800-923-7063 or log on to www.plexaderm.com.

This article is sponsored by Sheer Science.