High-tech baby gadgets for parents

Parenting made easier in the 21st century by high-tech baby gadgets

HOUSTON – From a 2-in-1 car seat and stroller to a bassinet that uses white noise to rock your baby to sleep, which high-tech baby gadgets are really worth the price tag? Lifestyle blogger Keli Rabon shares a full product review. 

"I brought you the latest and greatest in baby technology and these are all thing that have been tried and tested in my home," said Rabon.

You can never be too prepared to handle the hurdles that come with raising a new born, but you can certainly try. 

"It's much more than just a baby monitor, it has crystal clear HD quality video that you can stream to your phone from anywhere. The night vision is excellent... but it also sends you push alerts anytime there is motion or sound on the crib. It can tell the difference between baby motion and a caregivers motion, and it gives you analytics, which help you understand how efficiently your baby is sleeping," said Rabon.

Watch the clip above for full product reviews.