Amazing Animal Tale: Chili's story

Learn about Chili's journey with the Houston SPCA


HOUSTON – When animals come to the Houston SPCA with injuries, the vet team makes sure to weigh every treatment option, and they have to be willing to make adjustments as their patients heal.

When Chili came to the Houston SPCA on the 24-hour rescue ambulance, she arrived with an injured hip and the veterinarians had to decide what kind of surgery would be best for her.

Initially, they hoped to keep the injured leg, but the break proved too complicated and they opted to amputate.

Fortunately, pets respond amazingly well to life with three legs, and Chili began healing nicely while in a loving foster home. 

It was during that time, when her foster quickly fell in love with Chili and decided the sweet pup was already ‘home’ before officially adopting her!

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