Kicks and cartwheels: Derrick learns Afro-Brazilian martial arts.

Discover a new hobby that combines dance, martial arts and music: Capoeira


HOUSTON – Want to meet a new culture, meet new people, feel healthier and have fun? How about learning Afro-Brazilian capoeira.

Karima Wilson, from the Brazilian Arts Foundation stopped by our studio to teach Derrick this popular martial art, which challenges physical agility and coordination, as well as strategy and interaction.

“You always have to look at your opponent. Because we do this with a partner, and you don’t want to block your face,” said Wilson, who started to train in capoeira in 2003 and is currently an instructor.

She also explained how much different capoeira is from other martial arts.  “In capoeira we don’t block when someone kicks, we evade,” said Wilson, who showed us the basic steps for self-defense.

“The basic movement that we do in capoeira is called “ginga.” It means to swing, so we are going back and forward, go in the middle and switch your arms,” said Wilson about a key element to keep the flow of the game.

If you want to try capoeira as a new hobby there are free classes every second Friday of every month at Midtown Park in Houston. For more information, click here.