RECIPE: Coquito – Coconut Eggnog

Recipe provided by Goya Foods

HOUSTON – 'Tis the season for eggnog!

Goya Foods is again putting a twist on the traditional this holiday season with Puerto Rican Coquito.

From their website:

If you like coconut and eggnog, you’ll love Puerto Rican Coquito! Coquito is a thick and creamy coconut drink that mixes silky GOYA® Coconut Milk with sweet Coco GOYA® Cream of Coconut, cinnamon and rum. This rich, authentic coquito recipe is commonly made during Christmas where it is served cold and meant to be shared with family and friends.

Watch the recipe made in the above video, or and visit their website for the complete list of ingredients and directions. 


This article is sponsored by Goya Foods