Save money with a smart thermostat

How to control your home's temperature on the go

HOUSTON – Shopping for smart devices this holiday season?

One of the most important items, you can find on the market for your home, is a smart thermostat.

These devices help you control the temperature inside your home and give you the flexibility to monitor things on the go.

TriEagle Energy offers customers smart energy plans that come with a smart thermostat, like The Honey Well T5 Thermostat.

“One of the great tools that we have is a weekly usage report that tells customers exactly how much they use in detail, to give them an idea on how to control their usage," said. John Nguyen, sales manager with TriEagle Energy.

The products are easy to use and easy to install at home.

Anyone who signs up for a smart energy plan online with the promo code "HoustonLife" will receive the HoneyWell T5 smart thermostat and a $25 triple up reward, that is redeemable for $75 in energy efficient products.

With that reward, customers can shop on the TriEagle store site.

For more information, click here or call 877-933-2453.

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