Thanksgiving Throwdown: Chef Kiran's Cranberry Chutney

The godmother of Indian fine dining serves a dish that's full of flavor & spice

HOUSTONHouston Life is proud to announce the first-ever Houston Life Thanksgiving Throwdown, presented by Hardie’s Fresh Foods and Craftex.

Four local chefs will battle it out this week for the title of Thanksgiving Throwdown champion and earn their charity of choice a feature on Houston Life. 

Chef Kiran Verma of Kiran’s is playing for the Parkinson’s Foundation.  

She prepared a cranberry chutney.

“You can taste all of the spices, I mean it doesn't have like that bitter taste that your cranberries, you know that you normally get from just plain old cranberries. You taste all of the different spices,” said Sandra Pinales-Williams, Hardie’s Fresh Foods.

See below for Chef Kiran's recipe.

Cranberry Chutney​ - Yields 24 oz.

Ingredients ​

• Olive Oil​​​ - 4 oz.

• Ginger paste​ - 4 oz.

• Ginger slivers – ​​​1 oz.

• Oranges squeezed​​ - 6 each

• Port​​ - 8 oz.

• Red wine vinegar - ​​8 oz.

• Cranberry juice - ​​32 oz.

Cranberry jelly - 8 oz.

Fresh Cranberries - 1 lb.


 • Onion seeds​​​ - ½ oz

• Cinnamon stick - ​​1 each​

• Cloves - ​​​​10-12 each

• Red Chilies, whole - ​​6 each​

• Black pepper, coarse​ - 1 tea spoon ​

• Fennel seeds​​​ - 2 table spoons

• Star anise​​​ - 2 each​

• Kosher salt​​​ - 2 oz.

 • Brown Sugar ​​​- 16 oz.

Roast the spices at 350 degrees

Fennel seeds, onion seeds, cinnamon stick, cloves, Red whole chilies, star anise

Take heavy duty pan, heat olive oil and add roasted spices. Now add ginger paste and then add 1 pounds of fresh cranberries. Sauté the cranberries for about five minutes, they will start popping open. Add Cranberry jelly. Add salt, brown sugar, Port and red wine vinegar. Cook for 15 minutes.

Then add freshly squeezed orange juice & ginger slivers and cook for 2-3 minutes.


Sponsored by Hardie’s Fresh Foods and Craftex