Break dancing at Break Free Hip Hop School

HOUSTON – It's never too late to learn how to break dance. Whether you're an adult or a kid, Break Free Hip Hop School welcomes everyone with open arms -- and a dance move or two. 

Dalton, who is a student there, was trying to figure out what to do as a hobby. That's when his mom learned about Break Free. 

Although Dalton loves sports, he has realized that dancing is what keeps him moving - literally. 

"We have seen Dalton come alive here and he is really having a blast." his mom said.

Break Free Hip Hop School is more than just dancing. Executive Director Jeremy Pena has made it his mission to create an educational environment.

"We have very skilled children. But the overall message of breaking free and applying those life skills into the outside world is the foundation of our studio, and what separates us from other studios in town," Pena said.

If you want to check out a class remember that your first class will be free!