Clear the Clutter with these DIY Projects

HOUSTONCrafting expert Adeina Anderson shares some fun DIY-inspired projects to help you clean up and get organized around the house. 

Storage Drawers with Boxes

Items Needed

1 Big box

2 smaller boxes that fit into the big box as drawers

Decorative ribbon or knobs

Americana Acrylic or Chalkboard paint

Sponge Brushes

Scissors, good ones

First, you want to cut all the cardboard that isn’t needed. You will need to cut the end of the big box off and the top of the 2 small boxes off. You may need to tape the flaps on ends that are left. Next, it’s time to paint, everything.  Pick your colors and have fun, you may need 2 coats of paint so be sure to let it dry completely before adding the second coat.  Now for the fun part, hot glue some pretty ribbon or knobs on to the fronts of the small boxes so you can pull them out of the bigger box to fill them with all the items needing to be stored. I made quite a few of these and use them in my craft room.


Create the New Year’s DIY Menu Board

Items Needed

Scrap Wood

Americana Chalkboard Paint

Sponge Brushes


Hot Glue


Small Box

Decorative Ribbon or Paint

Paint Marker

Frame Hanger

Cut your board to the size you want (Lowe’s will do this for you for free if you bought the wood there, or there may be a very minimal charge if you didn’t buy it there).  You may want to sand any rough edges, or you can leave it for texture, it’s your choice. Place your frame hanger to the back of the board. Paint the front of the board with Chalkboard paint. Let it dry for 20 minutes, you will be adding 3-4 coats of paint, be sure to let it dry between coats.  You can jazz up the board with some decorative trim or pretty color of paint, if you would like to.

Next, hot glue the clips in a row, I did all seven days, but you can do only five if you would like.  Then using a paint marker, paint the days of the week over each clip.  Hot glue the small box to the side of the board, if you want, to put small pieces of paper in it.


Money Saving Mason Jar

Items Needed

Mason Jars

Pipe Clamps


Scrap Wood

Americana Decorative Paint

Paint Markers

First you want to measure out where your jar will go for this project. Normally I am not a measuring gal, but for this project you do need to measure.  After you have measured, paint the wood, or you could even stain it for a rustic look. After you paint it, you will screw the pipe clamp into place where your jar is going to go.  Then write your saying on the board and add your jar.  Great way for kids to save their change as well, so let them make one of these for themselves.