Will summer heat kill coronavirus?

Will summer heat kill coronavirus?
Will summer heat kill coronavirus?

HOUSTON – The peak of coronavirus is the date at which our area has the highest number of cases.

Early on when coronavirus appeared in Houston, experts threw out dates they predicted that peak would hit. Some said April, then May.

Has it already passed?

Actually, the peak was never intended to be a cold, hard promise, it was an estimation. Dr. Umair Shah, of Harris County Public Health, said the truth is, we won’t know when the peak happens, until after it happens. He is not convinced it’s already happened.

Now, it’s June, almost summer. So, maybe the heat can help us out, right?

We’ve heard speculation on whether hot temps can kill the virus. In other words, will the virus be seasonal? It seems possible since the virus itself has a lipid molecule, meaning, it should dissolve in heat. Shah said looking at other countries in summer months doesn’t give us a clear answer for what to expect yet.

Generally, the family coronaviruses survive for shorter periods at higher temperatures and higher humidity than in cooler or dryer environments. Doctors and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are just waiting for more details on what this one will do.

“While we’re hopeful it follows the family of coronaviruses, the reality is it’s too early to know,” Shah said.