The most important areas to clean when disinfecting your car

HOUSTON – Even with stay-at-home orders, we're still using our cars to pick up necessities.

Unfortunately, we also might be picking up and bringing home so much more. That's why when disinfecting, do it to your car too.

What are the most frequently germ-covered areas in your car?

All the areas most frequently touched:
  • The wiper
  • Turn signal
  • Door armrests
  • Door handles
  • Steering wheel
  • Air vents

“When you are out and about, you are bringing a lot of the things you are touching back into the car,” said Karl Brauer from Kelly Bluebook.

Unlike the inside of your house, you should not use bleach to kill COVID-19.

"You can do something very simple, you can use an alcohol solution, an isopropyl of at least 70% alcohol,” said Consumer Reports Keith Barry.

Plain soap and water are just fine, too. Plus, they recommend cleaning your hands once you get out of your car.