Urban Float promises reduced stress, increased mobility

HOUSTON – For one hour, you and 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt can surrender to weightless meditation.

Mercedes Woodruff said she's been coming to Urban Float for six months to enjoy some soft tunes, warm water and no pressure -- literally!

The owner, Ben Lancaster, said any hesitation you have about the small space or length of time will be washed away once you’re in.

“You can hop out, you can open the lid, you can turn the light on and off, you can get in the shower if you're ready to and all that good stuff, you can control the music so it gives you a lot of flexibility about how you're floating,” Lancaster explained.

In a very small study, alternative medicine researchers found this kind of sensory isolation can reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and pain while sleep quality and mindfulness increased

Woodruff said she does it for more than the mental health benefits.

“I really like it because it helped with the speedy recovery after a lot of the workouts I do,” Woodruff said.

She said the hours spent straining her muscles in the gym can be erased with one hour in the flotation pod.

“My body is a lot more calm. My muscles aren't as tight. I'm relaxed,” she said.

If it seems like a commitment to dedicate that much time to floating, Lancaster said, “The biggest thing I tell people, whether it's recovery whether it's for mindfulness, get away from seven million people.”

To get away from the rest of Houston will cost you. A one-time trip to Urban Float can cost $45 where a membership will cost $60 a month or $150 a month for unlimited floats.