3 new fitness routines to fit your speed

HOUSTON – If you need a new workout routine or just a change of pace, there are three new options around Houston.

The one booming in popularity is Camp Gladiator. The boot camp workout is available across the state, and you can find times and classes near you through their website or app campgladiator.com

In this one-hour, high-intensity workout, athletes are encouraged to take the routine at their own pace. They meet in parks, parking lots and many other locations right in your neighborhood. Members pay $70 to $80 a month for unlimited classes.

In Sugar Land, there’s a new workout taking the opposite approach. The SuperSlow Zone claims to be high intensity, but low impact. Clients do resistance training at a very slow pace for 20 minutes. Owner Ken Roche says most people don’t even sweat while they’re doing it.

“You load the muscles up very slowly so takes the stress out of the joint part of it so traditionally people push hard with things and you’ve got momentum. What you’re doing, it puts a lot of stress on your joints and that’s how people get hurt,” Roche said. 

The trainers at the SuperSlow Zone say the routine is so easy people come in business clothes. Prices here start around $130.

In Bellaire and Montrose, The Athletic Room says it will help your body recover faster to build endurance in whatever sport you choose. Here, they use a combination of cryotherapy, compression, and stretching.

Owner of The Athletic Room and former Texans player, Kailee Wong, said, “If you're a tennis player, you’ll be able to play tennis longer, later in life. If you’re a runner using simple recovery stuff, you’ll be able to run longer, you’ll be able to run better and it’s the exact same type of idea as what we think about as a pro athlete.”

Wong says the combination of treatments here help trigger chemical responses in the body to create a burst of energy. You can choose one method or do all three (cryotherapy, compression, stretching). Depending on the treatment you choose, prices start at $30 and go up from there.