Local acupuncture chain opening 3 new locations

SUGAR LAND, Texas – Acupuncture is an ancient remedy that promises to treat a long list of problems: infertility, pain, wrinkles, nausea and side effects from medication.

Now, Modern Acupuncture has locations popping up in Sugar Land, Clear Lake and River Oaks.

In the Lake Pointe shopping center in Sugar Land, the new franchise just opened next to other holistic healing spots like The Joint and cryotherapy.

The acupuncturist, Vladislav Chepurko, said he puts thin needles into certain points on the body, depending on where the client wants results.

Want wrinkles to disappear? No problem.

“By inserting the needles in the wrinkle, we make the body to respond with an inflammatory reaction which is a normal response,” Chepurko said.

While he's treating the body, the owner of this location, Mary Payne, said they're hoping to open minds.

“If people come in and just give in to the relaxation part of it they're going to discover that acupuncture is generally not painful," Payne said. "The needles are very, very thin. They're about the diameter of a strand of hair and so most people don't feel pain. They may feel a pressure sensation or they may have a slight tingling. A lot of people feel nothing at all."

Sam Payne said it only took one session for him to become a believer.

“I've done it one time before," Sam Payne said. "In about five minutes after getting out of the chair, I immediately scheduled another appointment.”

Each appointment lasts 30 to 45 minutes and some people claim to leave with less pain, stress and better sleep.

No insurance is required for service and clients can keep all clothes on for treatment. In fact, clothes are required.

According to Modern Acupuncture, traditional pricing starts at $19 per month and cosmetic pricing can go up to $1,099 for 24 sessions. Clients can buy monthly memberships or individual treatments.