Different benefits to showering at night, in morning


A hot morning shower can wake you up and even boost creativity, but if you want to improve your rest, Dr. Maurice Reinoso said showering at night is a proven method.

While steaming up feels good, it's the process of cooling down that tells your body it's time to sleep.

"If they're having a hard time initiating sleep, you take a warm bath but it's not right before you go to bed. It's essentially a couple hours before so you take advantage of that drop in temp that follows the bath," Reinoso said.

He said people who have higher body temperatures or set thermostats higher will have a more difficult time achieving a restful sleep.

"Do not overdo it with your heater. So, 68 degrees, 70 degrees at the most, that would be the ideal temperature," Reinoso said.

Mix that with showering earlier in the evening and you'll give your body a chance to cool off and trigger that sweet sleep