Plastic surgeon uses Facebook Live to help relieve patient stress

HOUSTON – He calls himself Dr. Hour Glass at work and “Bootyman” online, but his real name is Dr. Wilberto Cortes.

Whatever curve you desire, he can show you before you ever come in for a consultation.

“We're using social media, including Facebook Live, which is a live broadcast so people can see me right there, we use Periscope and we use Snapchat,” he said.

He said social media has made clients more information hungry especially when it comes to surgery.

“There's cameras everywhere why not in the (operating room)?” Cortes asked.

The idea is that this kind of engagement calms people's fear about going under the knife.

“People still go to the website to check out their plastic surgeon but many times they have fear, is this plastic surgeon good? Does he do a good job?” Cortes said. “So I figure if they can see me doing surgery after visiting my website it would be a good idea so they can comprehend the procedure itself.”

During a procedure last week, he was posting online and answering questions in English and Spanish.

“Certainly people are more informed when they come into my clinic and they actually like the fact that they can see me so they feel more comfortable when they come to my clinic, knowing that they already saw me doing surgery, and they see the final result right there. So when they come, they tend to close the case quicker,” Cortes said.

Cortes said patients are coming to him now and requesting to be taped. He says it gives them a sense of empowerment, but if a patient does not give consent, they will not be photographed.

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